What does it mean to craft fine jewelry today? For Future Fortune founder and designer Jessica Olds, it should be grounded in a sense of easy luxury, and joy. It should feel personal, but cinematic. It should offer moments of color and escapism, while reminding us that elegance done right can be an everyday accessory. A perfectly Californian ethos for the Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand, which launched in Spring 2020 at the peak of the American designer’s savoir faire, and on the heels of 17 years of designing for various high profile, international brands and clients. “It just comes so naturally to me,” says Olds about her undying passion for the craft, “the inspiration is endless.”


Now, that inspiration comes to fruition with Future Fortune’s debut “Wanderlust Collection,” an effortless marriage of cosmic, elemental beauty and retro-futuristic flair. “I strictly work with 18k gold,” says the designer, “and I love colored gemstones and diamonds” for their inherent elegance. Expect a sparkly stardust knot ring weighted with some 17 grams of gold, and the “Enchanted Locket” with its heart shaped, pink sapphire. Wrap a flower around your finger with the “Bloom II,” whose center sparkles with blue green tourmaline and band is scattered with diamonds. It’s the kind of collection that sweeps you off your feet, while grounding you in the humbling, natural beauty of our universe.


In that light, the words “Future Fortune” take on a deeper meaning. “It just felt so right,” says the designer, “Who doesn’t want good fortune? When you look at the collection it has a very futuristic, hopeful element to it. Mother-Nature-meets-Outer-Space.” Stars, flowers – even a kiss of retro-psychedelic art breathes life into the pieces, whose dynamism makes them perfect for everything from once-in-a-lifetime gifts to treat-yourself moments.

That's the essence of the Future Fortune woman. “Glamorous, fun and inviting.” Fine jewelry, and always with feeling.