Designer Jessica Olds introduces Future Fortune jewelry, where Mother Nature meets outer space, infused with a captivating retro-psychedelic flair. Prepare to embark on a celestial journey through the cosmos, where the ethereal beauty of nature intertwines with the mysteries of the universe. 
Each exquisite piece in this collection tells a unique story, reminiscent of the enchanting harmony found in the natural world and the boundless wonders of the cosmos. Inspired by blooming flowers radiating with cosmic energy. 
The collection showcases celestial motifs intricately adorned with sparkling diamonds & gemstones, reflecting the brilliance of distant stars and the allure of otherworldly galaxies. 
Drawing inspiration from retro-psychedelic aesthetics, Future Fortune features bold geometric shapes, vivid hues, and mesmerizing patterns. 
Introducing Future Fortune’s new collection debuting at COUTURE where the mesmerizing world of kaleidoscopes merges with the enchanting realm of psychedelia.  
Future Fortune’s collection is a tribute to the kaleidoscope, a timeless symbol of endless wonder and infinite possibilities. Just like turning the cylinder of a kaleidoscope reveals a mesmerizing symphony of colors, Future Fortune’s jewelry pieces invite you to explore a kaleidoscopic world of vibrant gemstones and captivating designs. 
Inspired by the psychedelic movement of the past, Jessica has crafted each piece to evoke a sense of euphoria and self-expression. Bold and unconventional, Future Fortune’s collection features intricate patterns and a vibrant color palette that will transport you to a realm where imagination knows no bounds. 
Jessica has meticulously sourced gemstones of the highest quality, selecting a spectrum of hues that will enchant and delight. From vivid blues reminiscent of a cloudless sky, to the captivating pinks and purples that evoke a setting sun, Future Fortune’s collection celebrates the full spectrum of the psychedelic experience.